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   I'm interested in chaos, accident and the harmony and beauty found within. In my work I provoke the accident to later, during the creative process, embrace it looking for reconciliation and homeostasis. I force myself to create then provoke the problem or demolish to then rebuild within it, Is during this forceful battle where I find harmony and beauty. 

   ...our perception of the world and ourselves is grounded on explicit or implicit agreements in society. I'm instigating this conventionalism and exposing the viewer to a visceral discourse concerned with our own bodily integrity and mortality. 


My approach, is to be as pragmatic as I can be, which has allowed me to discover and merge different materials and techniques. I spent my childhood and younger years in Mexico, when I had the opportunity I used to go visit artisans to their shops, and in my younger years I traveled to some of Mexico's major art crafts producers states like Jalisco, Michoacán, Oaxaca, and the central Mexican valley, there I visited several shops of recognized artisans, and was inspired by the richness of materials and variety of techniques, color and textures they fearlessly use, their passion to make their work look "handmade" has deeply influenced me on what an art piece should look like. 

The process is relatively complex and it has taken me quite some time to be able to understand the materials I use. The pieces are done over resin substrate panels, aluminum and also on canvas. On the panel pieces, I use panel that allow me to layer oil paint, image transfers and laser prints or a combination of all, on both the front and the back surfaces to create depth and provide a place for light to play. I work my way through the panels by altering